Case studies: we're boosting marketing conversions

We're helping our partners boost e-commerce conversion rates across GM, FMCG and beauty & personal care marketing. Below we give you a peek at some of the results from of our most successful campaigns in each category. Get in touch with us for more info and for full case studies.

170% uplift in conversions for beauty and personal care marketing

A top 5 global beauty group used Landing Spaces for Christmas 2019 digital marketing campaigns across their premium categories. Facebook and display ad traffic was sent to Landing Spaces™ or to brand showcases at retail as a benchmark. Landing Spaces boosted conversions by 170% and saw almost half the bounce rate. Get in touch to request the full beauty case study.

Exceptional conversion and 80% ROAS uplifts for GM marketing

One of the US’s best known e-commerce destinations completed the biggest field test of our tech so far in North America. To help them understand how much we boost conversion and ROAS they ran A/B tests around GM products for a major seasonal shopping event. Shoppers were sent to either a bespoke retailer page for the campaign, or to an engagement and conversion focused Landing Space. Landing Spaces drove a 50% conversion uplift, and boosted ROAS by 80% thanks to seamless bundling tools that made it easy for shoppers to shop for extra complementary products. Get in touch to request the full GM case study.

70% higher conversions than any other solution for FMCG marketing

A top 15 global FMCG manufacturer ran seven campaigns for tier-1 brands using different shoppable ad solutions. They measured conversion rates in multiple consumer product categories (food, pet care, confectionary). Landing Spaces performed 70% better than the next best solution, and 240% better than average across all other solutions in the UK. Get in touch to request the full FMCG case study.

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