High impact CPG & GM marketing technologies

Shopper Ads

  • Self-optimize according to shopper context, history & preferences
  • Render the most compelling combination of creative, CTA & target URL, based on shopper's stage in the funnel
  • Ads served to our shopper audience (25m, growing fast), outperform on engagement & conversion
  • Drive online & in-store purchase, attributed and tracked via close retailer partnerships
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Brand Commerce

  • An easily deployed commerce layer for brand websites & apps
  • Works with shopper ads, showing actionable overlays to arriving shoppers, optimized for conversion
  • Lets shoppers both shop with the retailers they trust AND stay engaged with brand owned content
  • Contributes to brands' understanding of shoppers' behavior and preferences
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Shopping Tools

  • A beautiful, responsive framework that adds retailers' full shopping experience to any website or app
  • Visitors to brand websites are only a click away from adding product to basket at their preferred retailer
  • Shoppers can buy product featured in content, ads & video seamlessly and intuitively
  • Powers publisher & marketer personalization, based on shopper preferences/past shopper activity
  • Syncs with webpage and app content so that recipe ingredients, checklist items, and the products featured in native ads and videos can be added to basket effortlessly
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Dozens of brands, media organisations and retailers have connected with shoppers and with each other using our platform.

What We Do

The world’s leading retailers use Constant Commerce to support virtual storefronts with access from shoppable content, ads and apps. Our retail partners use our platform to connect to the world's biggest audiences, brands and ad campaigns.

Make your advertising and content shoppable and change the nature of your relationships with brands. The world's leading media owners use Constant Commerce's technologies to help brands reach shoppers.

Put shoppers and shopping at the heart of your content marketing and advertising. We make ads shoppable online and let shoppers save offers to their mobiles.

Help your brand clients get more from their marketing spend. Use Constant Commerce's technologies to expand your services and wow your clients with really smart marketing solutions.

Let us show you how you can get a higher return from your content marketing and digital ads. Find out how the biggest retailers are already using our platform to capture more sales.

About Constant Commerce

When we started as Foodity in 2012, we wanted to connect brands, media owners and retailers by making online food content and ads shoppable. Today we're called Constant Commerce and work with the world's biggest organisations to turn all categories of lifestyle content and digital advertising into seamless, intuitive shopper experiences.

We look after our clients from our headquarters in London and our regional office in North America.