Beautiful, versatile UX that's consistent in all social platforms and across the web
Powered by top retailers who work with us to help you reach their shoppers
Created in minutes from awareness, engagement, conversion & insight modules
Load-anywhere social commerce
Build an experience just once and deploy it to any platform that you use to reach consumers. Repurpose it for other geographies in just a few clicks.
An animation showing the journey of a Boss Landing Space, going from Pinterest (Tablet) and Twitter (mobile) to Boots in each case.
An image of two shoppers sitting next to each other, sent to different stores based on their preferences and other factors.
Shoppable at top retail partners and at DTC
Send shoppers to checkout at their preferred merchant, your campaign's top performing retailer or your own store front. Deploy the same experience in co-marketing and in Retail Media.
Compelling messaging & creative, tailored to key audiences
When it's quick & cost effective to build an experience once for all platforms & all retail partnerships, you can afford to invest in different experiences for different audiences – which is the way it should be.
Two different Sony Landing Spaces  side-by-side on mobile devices – one for a younger market (with a matching look and feel), and the other a for a more mature market, with a more classic, elegant look.
The Landing Spaces studio showing a Philips Landing Space being built (with key callouts) and the final Philips Landing Space in a mobile device next to it.
Enhanced performance at every stage in the funnel
Rich, relevant experiences that lead with your brand, sustain your messaging, drill down to the detail and end at checkout. You get to enhance every step of the journey.
Supercharge your digital marketing with Landing Spaces™
Easy to implement, high-impact shoppability for ads and social…
…and email, and search, and video. Landing spaces are easy to integrate with all the digital marketing channels you're already using and you don't need to change the way you do things.

Create and manage links using Landing Spaces' intuitive admin tools and Landing Spaces will automatically send over 40m shoppers to the retailers they already have an account with.
An illustrative animation showing how a Landing Space opens on a retailer website after a shopper clicks on an ad.
An illustrative animation showing how a Landing Space opens on a retailer website after a shopper clicks on an ad.
Easy to create, on-brand, product showcases at retail
Our beautifully simple Landing Spaces Studio lets anyone create high-impact product showcases that can be loaded as an overlay at retailer websites, brand websites, or in digital media or mobile apps. Seamlessly integrated with 32 major retailers' ecommerce offerings, Landing Spaces let brands create highly engaging experiences that are video and CRM enabled, so they fulfil engagement KPIs too.
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Seamlessly compatible with 9 major marketing channels: Facebook, retail media, display, video, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, search and email.
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Benefits for Retailers

We power your suppliers' highest performing digital marketing. Use it to drive traffic, sign-up and spend.

Smart redirection
Whenever one of your shoppers responds to a brand's marketing, we make sure they're sent straight to you.
Effortless scalability
We run the marketing world's most powerful commerce enablement platform – it does all the heavy lifting for you.
Instant deployment
Our Landing Spaces framework requires minimal integration – just add tags to your site and listen for our events.
Journey visibility
GDPR compliant analytics let you understand what's driving shoppers to you, and lets you share campaign level data with suppliers.
Seamless supplier marketing partnerships that boost everyone's bottom line.
Translate your suppliers' investments in audience and reach into shopper spend
Your biggest suppliers have built big, relevant, highly-engaged audiences that want to experience their brands in rich, resonant contexts. You should be hosting the spaces where brands and their shoppers come together, and fulfilling the transactions that result.
An example of Magnum's brand reach showing metrics across their social channels
A list of some of the opportunities that Landing Spaces could create.
Landing Spaces create new trading and merchandising possibilities
Landing Spaces drive media sales at and they encourage brands to use their wider marketing activity to strengthen your shoppers' relationship with you. They give suppliers more reasons to invest in your existing solutions, and they add another important element to the trading relationship.
Landing spaces make 3 important contributions to revenue, all incremental
Major retailers can expect to see hundreds of thousands of shoppers driven to their pages every month. And see tens of millions of dollars’ worth of shopper spend on promoted products every year. And enjoy hundreds of thousands of dollars'-worth of indirect revenue a quarter — thanks to revenue share, media buys and trade payments.
An example UI modal showing how retailers can control how Landing Spaces appear on their sites.
Let your suppliers tell their story, but stay in control
Our Landing Space builder lets your suppliers create beautiful landing spaces that showcase their product in ways that are brand-forward, but don’t dilute your site’s look and feel. Control panels let you restrict or allow brand enhancements to a level you’re comfortable with, and review and authorise Landing Space activity in real-time.
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Major retailers including Walmart, J Sainsbury and Ahold-Delhaize trust us to commerce-enable their marketing and content.

Benefits for Brands

Landing Spaces drive incremental sales that pay for your media spend many times over

In 35 product categories, the gross margin generated by Landing Spaces transactions can cover the cost of media and production in 3 key channels: email marketing, Facebook Ads & Retail Media. That’s exceptional.
On-brand shopping
Immerse your shoppers in engaging brand experiences that are instantly shoppable. Create Landing Spaces in minutes to match the messaging of every campaign.
Run everywhere
Our technology is compatible with dozens of retailers’ ecommerce sites, and Landing Spaces can be hosted at retail, at or in media.
Smart redirection
We understand your shoppers and instantly send them to engage with your campaign at the right retailer - better shopper experience and more conversions.
Measurable, actionable
GDPR compliant analytics give you instant insight into campaign performance at retail. Understand the path-to-purchase from click to conversion.
Make every click count - send shoppers somewhere where they get a rich engaging experience and where they can transact
Landing spaces support consideration, content marketing, video, social, CRM and transactions. That means you don't have to make a hard choice about where to send a shopper next (Social? Content? General retailer? Specialist retailer?). You can send them to rich, engaging, shoppable experiences hosted by their preferred retailer for your product category.
An example Landing Space (Tresemme at Walmart) showing its various features.
An example UI modal showing how easy it is to create links for your campaigns.
Hassle-free integration with your existing activity
Activating Landing Spaces as part of your current marketing activity is easy – anyone can quickly build a landing space and see how it will look at retail using our intuitive builder – then just embed links in the ads, social posts and emails you’re already running.
Our builder imports your brands’ styling, generates templates and identifies your products at retail for you, giving you everything you need to quickly generate beautiful destinations.
Landing Spaces work globally
We already support over 30 major UK, US and EU retailers and that number’s growing all the time. It’s compatible with all major marketing channels and social platforms. It generates links, analytics and metadata tailored to the platform you’re working with. It creates a pricing, availability and data model for each of your products across dozens of retail destinations.
That means you can configure just one Landing Space for your campaign, and our platform will generate variants for every relevant retailer and channel.
An example of a Landing Space for international markets.
A preview of the dynamic analytics available in the Landing Spaces studio.
Rich campaign insights
By letting brands and retailers closely align off-site outreach with at-retail engagement and conversion, we can map and analyse every journey from impression, through engagement and on to purchase.
Our retail partners match checkout data with campaign tags and aggregate the outcomes into actionable campaign performance data, letting you fine-tune campaigns and plan media buys with confidence.
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Our platform connects retailers, brand marketing and media.
It's been key to seamless marketing initiatives by over 100 global brands and businesses.
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…and more than 20 other major retailers in the US, EU and Australia.
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…and more than 30 other global brands.
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