Shopper Inspiration

Intuitive, fun and personalized shopping experiences to enrich your content marketing and e-commerce… powered by a CMS
designed specifically for shoppable content.

Help your shoppers save time

Enhance product discovery and impulse

Drive spend and conversion

Make shopping intuitive and easy

Help your shoppers get the hard part over with quickly, by providing a range of tools and conveniences that make shopping simple and fast.

Whether that be a handy checklist tool or an easy way to get all the ingredients for a recipe, it'll be easier than ever for your shoppers to make choices that minimize waste, achieve nutritional balance and keep within their budget.

Inspire impulse and spontaneity

From featured product suggestions in social posts through to gamified shopping experiences, our tools encompass lots of different ways for your shoppers to discover new products.

Whether it concerns seasonal themes, current events or annual traditions, there’ll always be an opportunity to boost average order value with sales from non-core categories, while giving shoppers the chance to explore your range.

Enhance trade partnerships

Let your suppliers be a part of Shopper Inspiration, with an interface that allows you to invite brands to create promoted content, build product bundles, highlight hashtag campaigns and more.

Provide brands with instant metrics to analyse the uplift in engagement and add to basket value driven by this online promotional content, separately from any promotional activity taking place in stores at the same time.