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Adding Constant Commerce's shopper ad technology to your existing ad stack is simple, but incredibly powerful. Thanks to deep partnerships with many of the world's biggest retailers, and activity with many of the world's best known brands and publishers, we can respond to shoppers' preferences and history. We know where your shoppers are in the purchase funnel and personalize ads on the fly, to ensure every impression is tailored to each individual shopper's path to purchase.


Known shoppers on the Constant Commerce platform


Engagement when CTAs are personalized


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Understand your shoppers

Thanks to our strong retail partnerships and high shopper activity on our platform, we know where and how millions of shoppers shop, what content inspires them and what they buy.

When you serve a Shopper Ad, we combine all that data with the context and your campaign parameters, so we can calculate in real-time what marketing objectives are most appropriate for the shopper that's about to see the ad.

Shopper Data + Context & Parameters = Per-Shopper Marketing Objectives

Optimize the message

We can adjust brand prominence, creative, copy, call to action and target destination in real-time, as we serve an ad. We ensure that every element combines for maximum impact on each ad impression.

Quick-to-populate ad templates, algorithms that respond to your parameters, and machine learning that responds to user behaviour, mean every one of your shoppers sees an ad that's optimized to move them one step along the path to purchase.

Optimize elements

Personalize the experience

Shopper ads not only determine where it's best to send a shopper when they click, but they also personalize what a shopper sees when they arrive.

Our framework runs in major retailers', brands' and publishers' sites and apps (and can be added to any other site in seconds), which means we can render the most appropriate, actionable content when a shopper lands.

Personalize destinations

Prove it worked

Whatever marketing objective we set for a shopper, we can measure how successful we were in delivering it.

Proprietary and third party metrics demonstrate the uplift that optimization and personalization achieves for upstream objectives. For the other end of the shopper journey, our exclusive access to retailer data proves downstream performance at checkout.

Track performance

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