Brand Commerce

Get more out of your brand's digital properties, with easy to integrate tools that drive shopping, capture insights and facilitate retargeting across the ecosystem. Your sites can become a natural way point for shoppers, with an approach which is proven to increase audience engagement by up to 66%.


Drive online and in-store shopping directly from your site, via established retail partners.

Shopper data

Capture insight into shopper preferences and behavior, based on context.


Reach shoppers in the process of building a basket, with relevant and personalized calls to action.

Supercharge your digital properties

Add a powerful shopping layer to all of your digital properties so that visitors can easily browse your range, see prices, get offers and add product directly to basket at their preferred retailer.

Quickly configure different landing experiences, based on whether traffic arrives at your site from ads, social activity or organic channels.

Supercharge your digital properties

Enable seamless shopper marketing

Map your products to a digital standard that links SKUs across global retailer catalogues and is ready to plug into any digital marketing activity.

Creative assets, product details, prices and availability can all be on hand to power your campaigns on display, social, chat, PPC and email.

Seamless shopper marketing

Understand your shoppers better

Gain greater insight into your shoppers' behavior, whether they're becoming aware of your brand, considering a product, or intent on making a purchase.

Browsing behavior, search keywords, video views and content engagement can all be useful inputs for a more personalized experience, aligned with other customer outreach efforts.

Understand your shoppers better

Retarget your shoppers

Reach your most valuable shoppers in flight at their preferred retailer while browsing online or in store.

Retarget with confidence, based on the insights you’ve amassed from other digital marketing campaigns pointing at your enhanced digital properties.

Retarget your shopppers

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